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LTI does offer a half-off scholarship to those approved upon submission of a proper application below. This is based upon financial need and several other considerations, which are asked in the form below. Individuals chosen can receive a scholarship for up to half the tuition of a program, however the other half must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. Because the scholarship is 50% off the full program cost, it does not allow for credits from other schools of learning to be accepted. All program course work will be required and the tuition will be half off the cost of the full program. Please submit your application ONLY if you think you meet the conditions and only if you can make payment of the other half of the program.

Any current LTI student already enrolled in a program must complete their current program before submitting an application. Credit will be given for courses already completed with LTI, but half of the tuition for the new program would still be required as upfront payment regardless of past tuition paid for previous program(s).

Although it can be difficult for some individuals to be able to pay a larger amount upfront, this method allows us to provide this opportunity, and it is an opportunity for the individual to seek other financial support from relatives or other sources.

LTI reserves the right to select no applicants, or one or more, on a monthly basis depending upon the discretion of the Selection Committee and the current financial needs of the Institute.

What are the requirements we use to make the selection(s)?

1. Financial need

2. Desire for the training

3. Have truthfully and completely filled out the form below

Scholarship Application