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Library Book List

Comprehensive Book List

Below is a comprehensive list of the books and manuals used for all our courses here at LTI.

Course Name

Book Title


ISBN Numbers

AAS610: Biblical Strategies

Cancer Battle Plan

Anne and David Frahm

ISBN-10: 087477893X

ISBN-13: 978-0133494327

AAS620: Parasitology

Guess What Came to Dinner

Ann Louise Gittleman

ISBN-10: 1583330968

ISBN-13: 978-1583330968

AAS630: Energetic Testing

You Can Heal Naturally

Dr. Jerry Weber

ISBN-10: 1982266902

ISBN-13: 978-1982266905

AAS645: The Lamp of the Body – Sclerology

Sclerology Manual

Bill Yeary


AAS655: The Lamp of the Body – Iridology

Iridology Manual

Micki Jones and Bill Yeary


AAS665: Energetic Muscle Response Testing

Energetic Muscle Response Testing Manual

Bill Yeary


AAS670: Serum Blood Analysis

Interpreting Your Blood Work: How to Read it and Natural Ways to Improve Your Results

Dr. Daniel T. Wagner

ISBN-10: 1532722060

ISBN-13: 978-1532722066

AAS685: Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis Manual

Bill Yeary


BIB210: Ministerial Ethics

Ministerial Ethics: A Guide for Spirit-Filled Leaders

T. Burton Pierce

ISBN-10: 0882433202

ISBN-13: 978-0882433202

BIB220: Ecclesiastical Ordinances

Christian Minister’s Manual

Guthrie Veech

ISBN-10: 0784733619

ISBN-13: 978-0784733615

BIB230: Doctrinal Foundations

The Foundations of Christian Doctrine

Kevin J. Conner

ISBN-10: 0914936387

ISBN-13: 978-09149363815

BIB270: Biblical Naturopathy

Biblical Naturopathy Manual

Bill Yeary


BIB280: Understanding and Improving Health

Understanding & Improving Health Manual

Bill Yeary


BIB290: How to Pray for Healing

How to Pray for Healing Manual


Prayer and Spiritual Healing Manual

Bill Yeary


BIB300: Biblical Freedom Techniques

Deliverance and Inner Healing Manual


Biblical Freedom Techniques Manual

Bill Yeary


BOT510: Herbs of the Bible

Healing Plants of the Bible

Vincezina Krymow

ISBN-10: 0867164670

ISBN-13: 978-0867164671

BOT520: Herbal Pharmacy

The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook

James Duke

ISBN-10: 1579541844

ISBN-13: 978-1579541842

BOT530: Nutritional Herbology

Nutritional Herbology

Mark Pederson

ISBN-10: 1885653077

ISBN-13: 978-1885653079

BOT540: Way of Herbs

The Way of Herbs

Michael Tiera

ISBN-10: 0671023276

ISBN-13: 978-0671023270

BOT550: Herbal Systems

Planetary Herbology

Michael Tiera

ISBN-10: 0941524272

ISBN-13: 978-0941524278

BOT555: Leaves of the Tree

Leaves of the Tree Manual

Bill Yeary


BOT560: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy: A Lifetime Guide to Healing with Essential Oils

Valerie Cooksley

ISBN-10: 0133494322

ISBN-13: 978-0133494327

CNS101: Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling Manual

Bill Yeary


CNS102: Advanced Christian Counseling

Advanced Christian Counseling Manual

Bill Yeary


CNS103: Drug & Alcohol Recovery (GOD14)

Drug & Alcohol Recovery Manual

Bill Yeary


DGW310: Eating Biblically

The Maker’s Diet

Jordan Rubin

ISBN-10: 0884199487

ISBN-13: 978-0884199489

DGW320: Biblical Health Principles

What the Bible Has to Say About Healthy Living

Rex Russell

ISBN-10: 0830718583

ISBN-13: 978-0830718580

DGW330: Wellness with Weight Loss

Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss

Mark Hyman

ISBN-10: 0743272560

ISBN-13: 978-0743272568

NAT710: Naturopathic Heritage and Future

Combining Old and New: Naturopathy for the 21st Century

Robert Thiel

ISBN-10: 1885653085

ISBN-13: 978-1885653086

NAT720: Homeopathy

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicines

Stephen Cummings and Dana Ullman

ISBN-10: 0874778433

ISBN-13: 978-0874778434

NAT730: Detoxification

The Detox Book

Bruce Fife

ISBN-10: 0941599892

ISBN-13: 978-0941599894

NAT735: Cleansing the Temple

Cleansing the Temple – Detoxification Manual

Bill Yeary


NAT740: Anatomy

Know Your Body

Emmet Keefe

ISBN-10: 1569751668

ISBN-13: 978-1569751664

NAT750: Functional Anatomy

The Johns Hopkins Atlas of Human Functional Anatomy

Leon Schlossberg and George D. Zuidema MD

ISBN-10: 0801856523

ISBN-13: 978-0801856525

NAT755: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Functional Anatomy Manual

Micki Jones


NAT760: Reflexology

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Reflexology

Inge Dougans

ISBN-10: 0007131119

ISBN-13: 978-0007131112

NAT770: Naturopathic Jurisprudence

Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners

Lawrence Wilson

ISBN-10: 0962865729

ISBN-13: 978-0962865725

NAT775: Establishing a Naturopathic Ministry

Establishing a Naturopathic Ministry Manual

Bill Year


NUT410: Enzymes

Everything You Need to Know About Enzymes

Tom Bohagar

ISBN-10: 1608320197

ISBN-13: 978-1608320196

NUT420: Nutrition 1

Prescription for Nutritional Health, Fifth Edition

James and Phyllis Balch

ISBN-10: 0830718583

ISBN-13: 978-0830718580

NUT430: Nutrition 2

The Natural Pharmacy Revised and Updated 3rdEdition

Alan R. Gaby

ISBN-10: 0307336654

ISBN-13: 978-0307336651

NUT435: Biblical Eating and Clinical Nutrition

Biblical Eating and Clinical Nutrition Manual

Bill Yeary


NUT440: Emotional Biochemistry

Depression-Free, Naturally: 7 Weeks to Eliminating Anxiety, Despair, Fatigue, and Anger from Your Life

Joan Matthews Larson, PhD

ISBN-10: 0345435176

ISBN-13: 978-0345435170

NUT450: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

The Strands of Health: A Guide to Understanding Hair Mineral Analysis

Rick Malter

ISBN-10: 0966041542

ISBN-13: 978-0966041545