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Have Questions?

All programs must be completed within six years. LTI is gracious and extensions may be applied for in writing.

Yes, a limit of three courses and as long as the course material is comparable. Provide a transcript or other descriptive information so a decision can be made.

Yes, only for the certification programs. That is easily maintained by taking other offered courses (live in-person or distance learning) or by submitting a re-certification fee.

Some courses use published books that are easily obtained from or other retail outlets. Some texts are supplied from LTI with the tuition payment.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the required texts/materials for their program. 

Yes. The book list is listed with each program on the website under our Resources Tab.

No, all test questions are found within our Learning Management System. You may download and print each test as needed.

Upon graduation, you can request a transcript for $49 each.

The examination questions for courses are open-book and taken right out of the text. All questions are either multiple-choice or True/False.

The license is a ministry license and is in no way connected to the state or government. The number issued with the license is for tracking and identification purposes of the seminary.

Yes, we are hosting a Graduation ceremony annually. Those completing the Biblical Naturopathic Doctorate Program can be issued their diploma at any classroom class and they will be honored before the class.

No, after initiating an Option with payments there is no switching between Options.

Yes, all courses are taken through our Learning Management System. We also do offer Zoom courses that can be found under the Live or Zoom Classes tab.

Yes. Classes are normally held in churches, and there needs to be at least 20 students for a class.

No, but it is recommended as some courses are better understood with preceding course work.

  • LTI can help more people that need counseling services
  • You receive a free wallet identification card
  • Eligibility to continue with other training programs
  • Obtain training materials
  • Eligibility to re-attend a live training class
  • Receive newsletters to take advantage of new programs and specials
  • Able to transfer your completed courses for credit towards other training programs
  • Replace your certificate if lost or destroyed
  • Able to receive a transcript for obtaining credit with other institutes
  • Opportunity to become a licensed minister