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Biblically wholistic approach to ministry, wellness, and recovery
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Training in health restoration to spirit, soul, and body from a Biblical perspective.
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High quality education with many original courses offered
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We Are
Life Training Institute

Life Training Institute offers programs designed to train laypersons, ministers, and professionals to be effective in many areas of life. We are committed to the wholistic approach to ministry, wellness, and recovery that is taught from a Biblical perspective. Man is a tri-part being. He is a spirit with a soul that lives in a body. True ministry, wellness, and recovery are achieved when these three areas are appropriately addressed.

All programs of study have been designed with this concept in mind for such a time as this! Our world and society is changing, and although God’s message does not change, the methods often do.


Biblically Based

We are a naturopathic training school that provides training in health restoration to spirit, soul, and body from a Biblical perspective.

Self-Paced Schedule

Enjoy the flexibility of working at your own pace with our courses. Pay for each course as you go or pay for the entire program in full.


Our course modules allow for full degree programs, or you can take standalone classes.

Learning Portal

Our online learning portal allows you to see your progress, check out for other courses, and take your online tests all in one conveniant place.

Original Courses

We offer courses not typically found with other traditional natural health schools such as Parasitology, Detoxification, and more.

Self-Driven Learning

Our courses allow for self driven learning by reading the course manuals and recommended books.

Video Courses

Some of our courses have videos from our instructors to help guide you through the course.


We are certified through the registered bodies: Transworld Accrediting Commission International & American Association of Naturopathic Wellness Practitioners.

Original Courses

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innovative courses here at Life Training Institute!

By Bill Yeary


By Bill Yeary


By Bill Yeary



Wait, what is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is based upon a belief in the body’s innate God-given natural ability to heal itself when given an appropriate internal and external healing environment. Naturopaths are not involved in the practice of medicine and do not use drugs or pharmaceuticals, nor do they perform surgery. They have traditionally been referred to as “drugless practitioners”. In reality, naturopathy deals with wellness and relief from conditions that are the result of stress whether from mental, spiritual, nutritional, environmental, or physical factors.

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Body - Sclerology

Energetic Muscle Response Testing

Advanced Christian

The Lamp of the
Body - Iridology